Bus and Transport Cleaning

Our dedicated teams work in the East Midlands and Lancashire area’s helping to keep passengers moving in exceptionally clean vehicles. Just check out our credentials.


Reference to what we do for Trent Barton (an example of a Period clean).



Sweep entire bus to remove dirt and debris.


Starting from the top of vehicle thoroughly clean all ceiling/coving and overhead vents where applicable. Any soft trim vehicles, thoroughly vacuum centre and coving panel sections, damp wiping stubborn marks by hand.


Thoroughly clean all window pillars, rubbers and side panels. Vacuum all soft trim window pillars and surrounding wall if applicable. Damp wipe stubborn marks from soft trim areas, reporting any prominent marks left behind. Under no circumstances should soft trim be drenched or soaked with water.


Thoroughly clean lower areas removing stubborn stains and dirt from all areas, in particular from grooves, corners, ledges and edges leaving all surfaces smear free.


Thoroughly clean all seat frames and luggage area backs.


Remove chewing gum from all areas using scraper or other designated tool.


Open emergency door and thoroughly clean areas not normally seen including edge of gas window, window rubbers and lower door section.


Thoroughly clean areas around, in particular behind entrance/exit doors.


Clean wheel arch areas, front and rear, bench seat verticals and rear ledges.


Vacuum all seating areas to standard on soft trim vehicles that if hit by hand very little or no dust appears.


On leather seated vehicles all leather areas must be thoroughly cleaned and conditioned with specified materials only.


Clean all internal glazing. Ensuring excess water does not spoil surfaces already cleaned.


Deck scrub all floor areas under and round seats paying particular attention of underneath bench seats/heaters and seat legs.


Apply an even coat of polish to chrome seat frame rails. Under no circumstances should any polish be applied to grabrails particulary around entrance/exit areas.


Mop floor area previously scrubbed, paying attention to step edges, reflective striping and corners, leaving the floor clean and smear free.


Close entrance/exit doors. Report any interior defect to on-site person in charge.


Thoroughly sweep and mop exterior luggage compartments of coach type vehicles where applicable.


All of the above is closely supervised.



We offer menu pricing and fixed fee pricing.


Services that we can do for you:

  • Bus depots and station cleaning
  • Bus shelter and stops cleaning
  • Train station cleaning
  • Car parks cleaning
  • Airport cleaning
  • Graffitti removal
  • Fleet cleaning
  • Buses
  • Trains
  • Trams